Along with the continuous deepening of reform and improving of the socialist market economic system. China's private economy has become the most dynamic economy and the vitality bright spot, it’s an important force that supports and promotes the economic growth. Three historical changes have taken place in China's beach wedding dresses private economy during the 10th“five-year plan”period, first, the status of private enterprises increasingly improved. Private Economy Blue Book "Chinese Private Economy Development Report Volume III" point out that China's private economy has become the main channel of industrial investment, employment and foreign trade. Private industrial enterprises will cheap prom dresses maintain an average annual rate of 50% in both total assets, sales revenue, the number of enterprises and industrial added value and profits. Second, the quality of private enterprises has been greatly improved during the 10th“Five-Year Plan”period, for example, the scale of the private entrepreneurs with college degrees or higher is 38.4% in 2000, it reached 51.8% in 2004. Third, the private economic policy and system reform has made substantial breakthroughs, With the spread of "36 bar of the non-public economy", a series of non-public chi flat iron economic development policies introduced one after another. The non-public economy system has been basically established in China.Although the state has promulgated laws and regulations to avoid the "sub-national treatment" of private economy.However,the financing of private enterprises is still facing a very big problem. Major credit rating is the current standard of large state-owned enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. As for the relatively low-scale enterprises, private enterprises, not just credit ratings. Many private enterprises have cheap nike shoes good prospects with no financial support. This applies to the urgent need for the emergence of private enterprises credit rating. Besides information asymmetry exists between the banks and credit guarantee agencies and private enterprise, faced with a large number of credit nike trainers risks. The establishment of private enterprises with characteristics of a credit rating system helps solve the conflict between the private enterprises and banks, credit guarantee institutions. This nike tn step has very important significance both in the theory and reality.Private enterprises should adhere to the correct the classification standards of credit ratings. It needs to prevent discrimination against private enterprises. Based on a systematic analysis of the Private Enterprise Credit and reference of traditional businesses, the author elected 16 indicators as a basis for the next stage of analysis .
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